Amazing man gives up first class ticket for sick child and her mother

Must See 14/12/2018

There's a late entrant in the running for man of the year after the actions of an airline passenger from Pennsylvania, USA.

Jason Kunselman was about to board his flight and take his first-class seat home from Orlando when he saw Kelsey Zwick and her 11-month-old sick baby, Lucy, preparing to get on the same flight.

Zwick was taking her daughter to a specialist hospital in Philadelphia for treatment of a chronic lung disease.

According to Your Daily Record, when Kunselman heard Zwick and her baby and its oxygen mask were sitting at the very back of the airplane, he asked to swap places.

Kunselman said the exchange was 'really touching.' 
She said, 'Thank you.' I said, 'You're welcome."

Zwick shared the story on Facebook, and it quickly gained attention worldwide.

She and Kunselman have made contact since the flight and plan to meet up in the coming weeks.

Kunselman said he hopes his act would encourage others to show kindness this holiday season.