Woman fundraisers wedding by collecting plastic bottles

Must See 21/11/2018

An Australian woman is planning to pay for her 'dream wedding' by collecting more than 800,000 recyclable bottles and cans.

Leonie Starr, 28, from the Sunshine Coast told the Daily Mail that her wedding in Vanuatu to fiance, Matthew Porter was expected to cost about $81,000.

The quote includes six-nights' accommodation for 35 guests, all meals and the wedding itself.

Ms Starr thought of collecting bottles to fund for her wedding after a container refund scheme was introduced in Queensland on November 1.

The scheme encourages people to drop off their bottles in exchange for 10 cents per bottle.

In a Facebook post, Ms Starr said that her goal was to collect 810,000 bottles to cover all wedding costs.

In efforts to spread the word and collect more bottles, Ms Starr created a Facebook page called "A Recycled Wedding".

On it, she wrote:

"My name is Leonie Starr & it's my crazy goal to collect 810,000 bottles/cans to pay for our entire wedding."


"I've been cleaning up local parks and beaches, taking everything I can find to my local EnviroBank depot on the Sunshine Coast. Collecting bottles and cans from my neighbours, friends and family I can happily announce I have recycled my first 1000 bottles".

If all goes well, the couple are expected to tie the knot in March 2020.