Watch as heroic stranger catches baby from burning building

Must See 23/11/2018

A fire in a Dallas apartment block forced a mother to drop her baby from a third storey window into the arms of a bystander.

The fire started at roughly 7am on Thursday, forcing the evacuation of more than 40 people, including a mother and father who were forced to punch out a third storey bedroom window to escape.

While the parents, and five other people, were able to jump out of the window onto mattresses placed by neighbours and police, the mother had to throw her one-year-old baby down to a bystander.

"It was terrifying," said the mother, Shuntara Thomas. "I didn't know if I was going to come down with her or if that would be the last time that I was holding my child," reports USA Today.

Byron Campbell was the heroic bystander who convinced the mother he wouldn't drop the baby.

"She let go and I caught it. I held on like a football and didn't let go."

Police say they are investigating the cause of the fire which injured three, including a firefighter.