Watch as cute toddler has a phone call with her imaginary friend

Must See 15/11/2018

This gorgeous video of Irish toddler has taken the internet by storm! This video was filmed at the start of the month has been viewed more than 26,000 times, and that number is only rising! 

The star of the video, Daisy, talks on the phone for a minute to her imaginary friend, her great-grandmother. The wide range of facials and mannerisms are to die for.

Daisy lives in Dublin with father Alan and mother Michelle, and also has two older siblings, Alexandra, 13, and 6-year-old Noah. 

Some for the words sound like jibberish, but you can certainly hear her saying, 

'I am very hungry and I was thirsty and all, like. Daddy keeps taking photos and it’s very mad.

‘I’m like “don’t do it Daddy… I’m not doing it, I’m not doing it.”  

The man who filmed this is Daisy's father, Alan, who says conversations similar to this frequently happen. So they thought it would be funny to start to shoot the beautiful moments! 

A few people kept saying, you need to get Daisy her own YouTube channel - so I did, 

Alan has since uploaded more of daisys funny moments and confirms that all these moments are organic and none of which are staged.