The new found iPhone hack you need to know!

Must See 20/11/2018

An iPhone hack is being praised on social media as "life-changing" after a young woman shared a helpful tip to Twitter.

Krissy Brierre-Davis uploaded a screenshot of her phone with some instructions and a short post saying she felt "duped" after being kept in the dark.

"If you click and hold the space bar, you can move the cursor instead of trying to drag the cursor itself with your fat thumb.

"How come you guys never told me this iPhone trick? I feel duped," she said.

The trick is being praised online by Apple enthusiasts who successfully trialled the hack on their own phones.

"The space bar, when held down, controls the curser on your iPhone.... WHAT?!???!?!???!!!???!?? Did YOU know this?!?!?" Twitter user Jolee Nikoal said. 

Many shared their shock and excitement after realising the pointer actually worked.

"Literally the number one thing I dislike about cellphones now solved," one user said.

"This is life-changing information," said another. 

The original post has been reshared hundreds of time, but some eagle-eyed users have realised, it's not just the space bar but any button on the keypad.

Apple's latest product, the iPhone XR, recently hit shelves around the world, winning praise from some critics for its fun colour range, better battery life and impressive features.