Prince Harry shares the heartbreaking way he dealt with his mother's death

Royal Family 16/11/2018

A radio clip of Prince Harry discussing how he dealt with his mother's passing has resurfaced from last year, and it is absolutely heartbreaking.

However sad, the Prince used his platform to share a very important message to those who may suffer in future: when going through tough times, it pays to speak up.

Speaking to Bryony Gordon for her 'Mad World' podcast, Prince Harry revealed that he only began to heal once he began to talk about his feelings. 

He admitted he used to "bury his head in the sand", shut off his feelings - which sometimes affected his personal life - and refused to think about his mother Princess Diana. With his brother Prince William's support though, Harry got the help he needed to be able to process his grief. He is now encouraging others to do the same. 

Listen to Prince Harry talk of his grief over his mother's death - when he was only age 12 - above.