Napping for longer than 20 minutes can be bad for your health

life 23/11/2018

While it may feel great, unfortunately your favourite past-time may actually be damaging your health. To make waking easy and to not effect your sleep at night, you should be sticking to short and sweet naps. 

Sleep coach Chris Brantner says: "Short power naps can give your brain a boost, allowing you to better problem solve, concentrate, and make decisions."

"Once you hit the 30 minute mark, you run the risk of experiencing sleep inertia. This is when you awake feeling groggy and exhausted, despite having slept."

This is because your brain has entered deep-sleep mode: "If you nap long enough to enter into slow-wave sleep, you're going to need to sleep through your entire sleep cycle (about 90 minutes) so you can awake during light sleep and feel better,"

We don't exactly all have a spare 90 minutes during the day though. But even if we did, experts say it still isn't great for your health. "If you 'snack' on sleep during the day, your body won't be as hungry for it at night." This will leave you tossing and turning and not getting a restful sleep throughout the night. Not ideal.

So as hard as it may be, try and keep your naps to about 20 minutes to actually awake feeling refreshed and revitalised!