IKEA allows stray dogs to take shelter and stay warm in store in Italy

Must See 23/11/2018

An Italian IKEA store has been praised for opening it's doors to stray dogs during the winter months to keep them warm and dry.

The staff at the store in Catania have even pampered and fed the dogs, with some lucky pups even being adopted by staff members. 

A video was shared by Martine Taccia to Facebook showing a couple of the dogs happily lounging in the store's furniture displays. 

"A good initiative to shelter the strays while it's raining outside," she wrote in her Facebook post (translated from Italian). "My reaction was pure amazement, It's not a common thing,"

Another customer commented: "I felt great happiness at seeing dogs crouched in the exhibition space at the entrance of the Ikea."

This isn't the first time IKEA have been praised for their care of animals - in 2014 they partnered with animal welfare groups in a project called 'Home for Hope'. The initiative involved standing displays of dogs placed among the store's furniture to attract adopters. Stores across the US and Singapore participated but stores in the UK have very strict no dog policies, with the exception of assistance dogs.