How to score 10 cents off a litre until tomorrow!

Must See 29/11/2018

Now is the time to stock up on cheap fuel, with one cut-price petrol station offering unlimited 10 cent per litre discounts.

But you'll have to get in quick, with the offer ending on Friday.

From now until midday Friday this week, Gull is offering a 10 cent per litre discount at participating sites with no minimum dollar purchase and no maximum limits on how much you can buy.

"We thought of asking customers to do the children's trick of simultaneously rubbing their tummy and patting their head to get the discount but decided that was just taking up peoples' valuable time," Gull General Manager Dave Bodger said on Thursday.

"Most of our oil giant opposition have a minimum purchase to qualify, you must have a piece of plastic to get the discount, and the discount is limited to so many litres.

"We like your custom whether you're a motor bike,  just in need of a small top up or if you want to fill the boat or truck with a couple of hundred litres. At Gull you all get the discount."

At Gull outlets where it controls retail prices across the North Island, average prices will be as low as $1.995 for 91 and $2.145 for 98.

If you're willing to make the drive, the lowest petrol outside Auckland is at Atiamuri, offering 91 for $1.857 per litre.