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Hilarious 1950 dating tips have resurfaced

Must See 07/11/2018

A woman in the US has stumbled across a rather antiquated magazine article from the 1950s titled '129 ways to get a husband'.

The tips, which were found in a 1958 edition of women's magazine McCall's, range from total desperation to downright sexism - and even include a section dedicated just to how to look good for men.

Beginning with a 'where to find him' section, the article states that a woman should take courses that men like or move to areas that according to census have more men.

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Another section explains how to acquire a husband, and includes advice on how to play the role of a helpless lost victim or go back to your home town to see what the kid next door grew up like.

It also suggests crying in the corner of a room because "he'll come over to find out what's wrong", or wearing a band aid because people always ask what happened.

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It then moves to a section offering suggestions as to how to look good to him, such as getting that "fresh-scrubbed look" by scrubbing, getting a sunburn, dieting and "not being ill" - because apparently men don't like that.

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The article ends on a section with ideas for how to really land him as a husband by sending his mother birthday cards.


Amongst the wild ideas are suggestions to attend Yale, to lie about who your parents are if they are fat, stowing away on a battleship or making toupees because "bald men are easy catches."

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According to the magazine, a panel of 16 experts were encouraged to "freewheel' and "let themselves go" when it came to logic.