Departure cards are a thing of the past

travel 05/11/2018

Come Monday, international departure cards will be a thing of the past.

More than 6 million cards are completed each year, and the move will save travellers around 100,000 hours a year, it has been estimated.

Customs spokesperson Brent Litherlind says people will still need to declare $10,000 worth of cash though.

"It's not illegal to carry large sums of cash in and out of New Zealand. The law does require us to declare that money to the authorities - we want to make sure that it's for legitimate purposes and not linked to illegal activities."

Customs says the rest of the information can be collected electronically.

"It aligns with international best practise and it improves the experience for all travellers leaving New Zealand," said Mr Litherland.

"It is important there are some things that will need people to talk to a Customs officer about - declaring cash or currency to the value of $10,000 or more."

Customs says travellers going to and from Australia won't have to fill out a card in either country.

The main purpose of the cards was to collect statistical information, but Statistics NZ says it can track tourism and migration statistics in other ways.