5 year old's heart breaking apology to his mother before he passed

Must See 13/11/2018

UK boy Charlie Proctor died in his mother's arms shortly after apologising to her for the suffering his cancer brought to the family. 

Charlie, from Accrington, England was diagnosed with Hepatoblastoma, a rare form of liver cancer in 2016 and doctors gave him only days to live. 

"Mummy I'm sorry for this," were Charlie's last words before he died in his mother's arms on Saturday evening. 

Charlie had been battling cancer for almost three years until doctors confirmed that his cancer had become incurable and that he was too sick for any kind of transplant or treatment. 

Mum Amber took to Facebook moments after Charlie's death, posting a heartbreaking picture with the words, "Last night at 23:14 my best friend, my world, Charlie, took his final breath." 

He fell asleep peacefully cuddled in my arms with daddy's arms wrapped around us. Our hearts are aching and the world has lost an incredible little boy."

"You showed me what love really means Charlie. Now it's time to fly, I am so proud of you."

Soon after Amber's heart-wrenching post, social media users gave condolences to the family. 

Amber said watching Charlie deteriorate was the most painful thing anyone could feel.

"No child should feel the emotions Charlie is feeling."