Where to find the cheapest fuel in NZ

Must See 24/10/2018

A remote Waikato town is home to New Zealand's cheapest fuel, it has been revealed. 

As Auckland residents pay around $2.40 per litre for 91 unleaded fuel, travelling south for three hours means you would only have to pay $2.107 at Gull in Ātiamuri, south Waikato.

This is according to phone app, Gaspy, which compares petrol prices at different stations. 

Founder of the Gaspy app, Larry Green, told Stuff Gull consistently sells cheaper fuel than its competitors. 

"They only ever have to be 0.02 cents cheaper than the next worst price to remain the good guys," Mr Green told Stuff. 

Gull general manager Dave Bodger told Stuff that they have had a low cost model for 20 years, which involves focusing on selling fuel rather than coffee and fuel discount cards. 

Almost half of their 84 petrol stations are left unmanned, including Ātiamuri.

"To me it's not rocket science," Mr Bodger told Stuff. 

Earlier this month petrol prices increased by 3.5 cents nationwide as the increased fuel excise came into effect. 

Auckland's regional fuel tax has been in effect since July 1, which sees petrol users paying an extra 11.5c a litre (including GST).