A beautiful story of love after 40 years apart

life 18/10/2018

 A heartwarming story of love come out of the UK recently. 

Charlie and Audrey Hailes, 88 and 83 remarried last week after four decades divorced. The gorgeous couple got remarried at The Manor Gatehouse in Dartford on Wednesday 10 October and had their six children present at the momentous occasion.

Their story started at a local dance in Peckham in 1955. They had a whirlwind romance and soon after started their own family together. 


Then Charlie made a 'mistake', and Audrey wasn't forgiving, and they were divorced by 1978. Four of their older children were living their own lives by then, but the younger two were sadly spilt between parents. 

The children knew that their parents were never happy after the spilt. Despite this, they tried to live their separate lives, but then when Audrey's new husband passed away the children stepped in. 

Ian said,

We said to dad, ‘you’re not happy so why not live with mum.

Ian was then his fathers best man as what they described as a movie-style wedding ceremony. They enjoyed jazz music at the wedding how they did when the pair first met. However, the couple could not have the after party as they planned as Audrey broke her hip.

Congrats Charlie and Audrey such a beautiful love story.