Watch as kids free dog from a boa constrictor

Must See 04/10/2018

Heart-stopping footage shows three boys in China taking on a boa constrictor after it wrapped itself around a dog. 

The boys pummelled it with sticks and other debris to distract it from the dog. 

In the video, the distraught pooch yelps as the snake tightens its grip around the dog's body. 

But the boys fight back, one of them holding the snake's head down as his comrades try and pry the reptile's strong body away from the dog. 

The snake thrashes around, putting up a hard fight until the boys grab hold of it at both ends, and it eventually eases its grip. 

The dog manages to escape the ordeal, seemingly unharmed. 

The video was posted to Chinese social media this week, reports The Sun. 

It's not known where in China the footage was filmed.