There is now a healthy dog food delivery system!

Must See 08/10/2018

We never thought we'd see the day, but after the success of food delivery systems for humans, dogs are getting in on the action too! 

Annika Bennett and Charlotte Marshall have introduced the new spinoff of delivery food and food boxes. Paw Paw is the new company which delivers doggie food nationwide every fortnight. 

The company started in Hawkes Bay, and both Annika and Charlotte say that the success of their new business has exceeded expectations. There are three different food boxes for different sized dogs. 

We're only two weeks in, and we've been sending boxes out since the very beginning, with orders coming in from the first day.

The boxes have been delivered to many places around the country including, Invercargill, Dunedin, Blenheim, Nelson, right through the North Island, and up to Kaitaia, across Auckland. 

The pair are working mothers and felt that they were neglecting the health of their dogs. So they thought if human food boxes were taking off why wouldn't it work for peoples beloved pooches. 

Most of the country's dogs at some stage get to eat last night's sausages, boiled white rice or even cat food, because we're all just so time poor, it's one of those things that just gets forgotten,

There are some start-up companies in the country which ship bulk loads of dry dog food, but the difference that Paw Paw has is that it delivers food, the treats, the chews, the poo bags, the flea and worm treatments if you want it too. 

They weren't vets and didn't know a lot of information on dog nutrition. So they dove into plenty of research and found which was the best and most nutritious food for dogs, to pack into their convenient boxes. 

Their different boxes have been researched to suit different types of dogs. For example, they have a grain free box for poodles and poodle cross dogs as they get quite itchy skin and eczema, that a grain-free diet eases that quite significantly. And there's one for older dogs with essential oils for their joints. 

It is also cost-effective, if you were to buy all those products in a supermarket it would work out cheaper to use Paw Paw, with the bonus of just ordering it from the comfort of your home!