Photographer hunts out a couple he pictured during their engagement

Must See 23/10/2018

A photographer is on a mission to track down a mystery couple after an incredible accidental engagement photo.

Matthew Dippel snapped the stunning image at Taft Point, at the Yosemite National Park, in early October.

The well-timed shot shows the moment a couple apparently get engaged in the scenic location, lit up by the sun.

But there's been one problem: Mr Dippel has no idea who the strangers are, to be able to give them the photo.

He shared the photo on Twitter this week with a desperate appeal for help.

It's since been liked more than 143,000 times and retweeted more than 303,000 times.

A number of people have speculated who the couple may be, but none have been successful - so the search goes on.

"This is so special it made me cry," one woman wrote on Twitter.

However not everyone has been quite so positive about the endeavour.


"What if one of them was really planning to kill them and they pushed them off after this pic and you just gave them a good lead on a murder case," one man wrote.

Mr Dippel first posted the photo online on Thursday, but as of Monday (NZ time) still hasn't tracked them down.

"Thank you to everyone following this story and I hope we can find the couple!" he wrote on Twitter.

Mr Dippel said he's received some abusive messages in the wake of the photo going viral.

"To everyone who has sent me hate messages, accusing me of faking this for internet fame, or trying to degrade my reputation, I hope you know that I have feelings as well.

"I would never fake anything for short internet fame, if you know me you know that I just genuinely wanted to find the couple in my photo."

He's encouraged anyone who genuinely thinks they've found the couple to message him.