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Owners who leave their dogs in cars will now get fined

Must See 03/10/2018

New additions in the animal welfare system will allow the SPCA and Inspectors from MPI to issue fines for people who leave their dogs in cars.

Coming into summer, we see this more frequently. It's awful to see a dog struggling in the heat, but previously there is not much you can do.

Minister of Agriculture Damien O’Connor also warned farmers to be mindful of the transportation of livestock, as they can to struggle in the heat.

It has taken the Ministry over three years to allow fining to happen for the lower offences in animal abuse, of holding dogs and pets in hot cars.

From October, Animal Welfare Inspectors from MPI and SPCA can issue fines for certain actions, such as allowing dogs in cars to get heat stressed, or failing to provide tethered goats with access to water and shelter.

Fines could be around $500 for those owners. It is crucial to realise how stressed and fatigued a dog or any animal can get when trapped in a hot car. This is especially the case heading into summer.