Ginny McArthur Jewellery

NZ jeweller unique way to raise awareness for breast cancer

Must See 10/10/2018

Pukekohe jeweller Kenny McArthur has created a new jewellery line to give laughter to those who have breast cancer. His new 'Boob Beads' are breast-shaped gold and silver beads, and a percentage of the money goes toward funding for Breast Cancer research.

McArthur came up with the idea when he and his wife were catching up with, Vanessa Lowe in May last year. She had been diagnosed with breast cancer and remarked about the brave children in Starship hospital who get beads. She exclaimed how she wanted a 'Boob Bead.' 

McArthur was taken aback by the idea and thought there was indeed a business opportunity in Boob Beads!

Ginny McArthur

Lowe was touched by the concept which she had helped create,

It was just a funny joke really when it started and the fact that he went and away and quietly sort of worked on it and bought it to life is really just incredible.

Lowe wore her bead all through treatment and was extremely proud of its symbolism of strength. Both McAuthur and Lowe are hoping that the beads will raise awareness about breast cancer through humour that it creates, and makes an easy way to talk about it.

Forty per cent of sales go toward the Breast Cancer Foundation, which we are happy to hear about! Such a fantastic and unique idea.