Nadia Lim

Nadia Lim reveals all about her unexpected home birth

Must See 08/10/2018

Kiwi chef Nadia Lim has revealed details behind the unconventional home birth of her second child. 

The My Food Bag co-founder's newborn son River was born in an "impromptu but wonderful home birth" last month. 

Lim told Woman's Day things didn't quite go to plan, as she had intended to give birth at the nearby Birthcare - however, as her contractions intensified, she says "intuition told me to stay at home". 

The Masterchef New Zealand winner gave birth atop a pile of towels and a plastic backpack liner on their bedroom floor.

"All I can say is thank goodness for Carlos' back pack liner or the carpet would have been a write-off!" she wrote in a Facebook post following the birth.

"It was the most amazing moment... I looked at him and had that overwhelming rush of love."

Stuff reports Lim said the spot she gave birth to River was "the exact spot he was made".

"He just threw it down on the floor and chucked a pile of towels on top, and before we knew it, the baby popped out."

While giving birth in your own home might seem scary to some, Lim says it felt "relaxed and natural".

"It was lovely to wake up the next morning in our own bed and with our little boy next to us."

Lim and her husband Carlos Bagrie now have two children, River and his older brother Bodhi, who is two. 

Her new cookbook Fresh Start, Feel Good was released this week.