Molly Ringwald reflects on the messages in The Breakfast Club in today's society

Must See 04/10/2018

As a result of the #MeToo movement, the iconic Molly Ringwald has come out and discussed what bothered her about John Hughes's 80's hit movie, The Breakfast Club and Sixteen Candles.

In the film, we all remember, Ringwald’s character’s crush Jake Ryan (Michael Schoeffling) suggesting how he is going to make a move on his passed out girlfriend Caroline, who is at a party.

“I’ve got Caroline in the bedroom right now passed out cold,” Ryan says in the movie. “I could violate her 10 different ways if I wanted to.”

Ringwald in a recent interview defends Hughes in the fact that he didn't intentionally mean to hurt or offend people. But can understand that times are different now, and it would be considered extremely wrong if released today.

I feel very differently about the movies now, and it’s a difficult position for me to be in because there’s a lot that I like about them.”

“And of course I don’t want to appear ungrateful to John Hughes, but I do oppose a lot of what is in those movies,” she added.

The star of Sixteen Candles also sees some significant flaws in this film as the mother of a teenage daughter.

With the breakthrough of the #MeToo movement, we are seeing plenty of young girls and women coming forward with stories of sexual assault. Molly says that even though there are some errors in these film, there plenty of good in them still, to show to today's society.

Having her teenage daughter she knows how hard it is to get them to speak, so if these films spark a conversation that makes her very pleased.

The Breakfast club, despite some flaws,

Permits to talk about their feelings — [it] says that teenagers’ feeling really matter. And I think that’s a really powerful message and for that reason I really love it.