Gorgeous reaction as girl hears for the first time

Must See 15/10/2018

Heartwarming video has captured the moment a little girl hears for the first time after having an implant installed.

Catalina Arroyo, 11, had been deaf since birth. She had inner bone hearing loss, meaning what she could hear was muffled.

"They said it was the vibration she would hear from us," her mother, Christina Arroyo, told CBS News.

Ms Arroyo said it was like Catalina was trapped inside a booth and trying to hear voices through a wall.

But everything has been crystal clear from the second her doctor clipped the attachment onto her hearing implant.

Catalina was born with spina bifida and other special needs. Doctors told her parents she would never be able to walk.

But now she's walking and hearing, which gives her mother hope for her future.

"To be more than like, what everybody expects from her," Ms Arroyo said.