Cute dog acts as new Ice Hockey mascot

Must See 03/10/2018

This gorgeous dog Benny used to be homed in a kill shelter, just waiting for the day to be put down. 

Luckily Cheryl Del Sangro stumbled across a picture of Benny, and she knew she needed to save him. She already housed three other dogs so thought it would be great for Benny to settle in with a few new brothers and sisters!

Cheryl quickly discovered that Benny was a talented and quick learning dog. She thought she was going to teach Benny how to ice skate, as a former coach and ice skater herself. 

She whipped up a pair of ice skates fit for her new four-legged friends and took him into the ice! He picked up the technique exceptionally quickly, Cheryl couldn't quite believe it!

She was so impressed that she got her local National Hockey League Franchise, the Vegas Golden Knights onside. They loved how happy and excited Benny was on the ice, and they made him their mascot.

What a turn around for the dog, who was so close to not having a life at all. He loves skating about, watch his tail wagging in the video above!