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Breast Cancer Foundation offends many with new campaign

Must See 03/10/2018

Breast cancer survivors are outraged after a new Breast Cancer Foundation campaign. 

The ads have aired over radio and TV, and no one is pleased over their choice of wording and fair enough. The ad reads, 

"breast cancer is contagious. It touches the whole family". 

Women who suffered cancer were extremely offended and worried about the message it is sending to their family and friends. These complaints have also been prompted to the Advertising Standards Authority.

Tamzyn Adding, 39, spoke to Stuff about how the ad has traumatised her children. On Monday night she spent hours consoling her children to reassure that they could not catch her breast cancer.

The comments online have been extremely blunt also, a lot of mothers have had similar experiences and have had to reassure their young children that their sick mother is not contagious. It has undone a lot of work and reassurance, mothers claim. 

Adding was watching tv with her two daughters when they saw the ad, the turned to her and said: "you said I couldn't catch it". 

Adding is upset since there is so much fear surrounding breast cancer, even though many suviours go on to live happy, healthy lives. Adding says that this campaign "puts the fear of God" back into the disease.

Evangelia Henderson, Breast Cancer Foundation chief executive, has taken on the feedback, changed the ad and apologised on their Facebook page.

"We don't want to be offending people and if there is any way we can remedy this we will. We are very sorry, and this was not our intention.

"We're hearing our people, and we will change it," she said