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You need to know this trick how to stop your pets snoring

Must See 17/09/2018

It is surprising what a loud snore your dog or cat can make sometimes. But our pets snore for the same reason we do, their soft palate on the roof of their mouth vibrates as they breathe in. The reason it can be so loud is that their soft palette is significantly larger than ours. 

Some dogs snore more than others as well, and the significant snorers tend to be dogs with small round heads. Specifically, if you have a Boxer, Staffordshire bull terrier, pug or a bulldog, they will have an increased snoring rate. The susceptible cat snorers are Persians and British shorthairs. 

The good news is, you can stop your pets from snoring with two easy steps. 

1. Open up their airways

The main reason they are such big snorers is that the lack of space in the back of their throat. When there is a narrow opening at the end of their throat, the air moves faster and more vibrations take place.

You can free up space in their throat by putting them on a diet. By helping your pet lose weight, it will also decrease the fat around their neck, and free up space for them to breathe easier.

Another tip is to treat them for allergies. Some pets may have undiagnosed allergies which cause their throat to swell up. The cure is simple, and Antihistamines could solve the snoring problem. 

2. Stop the vibrations

The fact that they have extra large soft palettes is the unfortunate reason why pets are so susceptible to snoring. A more extreme technique could be having your pet undergo minor surgery. This is a standard operation to trim down the length of the membrane, which has a high success rate.