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Typewriters make a big comeback with millennials

Must See 01/10/2018

Typewriters are back! Just like record players, vintage typewriters have had a revival. 

Celebrities like Tom Hanks are all over this new trend as well. He claims that it reminds him of simpler times and it a super easy way to write. 

Last Christmas holidays in America, 110 typewriters were sold in a single store at a cost between US$195 and $595 each. All as gifts for young children and young adults and store owner expects to see similar trends this year.

People love them," he said. "They take us back to a slower-paced, quieter time.

The other day a young boy came into the store and wanted a typewriter, opposed to a computer or tablet. He wanted this cutely enough, to be able to write notes to his friends. 

People are astonished to realise that typewriters are making a comeback, but the demand statistics are hard to argue with!

If you've kept an old type writer, you may now suddenly have an item that is worth a significant amount of money. 

Since the supply of typewriters is slim, the value of vintage ones is incredibly high. 

By selling or gifting your typewriter to someone in the younger generation, it might just make their Christmas!