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To rinse dishes before putting in the dishwasher or not?

Must See 11/09/2018

There is a big divide between people who rinse their dishes before loading into the dishwasher, and those who strictly believe the dishwasher should do the work. The industry has tested what is the best to get the most out of your dishwashing cycle and found some handy tricks.

Don't pre-rinse

There's just no need. It goes against what you think should work. But pre-rinsing is not necessary as your tablet does all that work. They recommend you scrape off your food, but the tablet will remove all those stains and marks off your plates. 

Load correctly

Make sure you know the standard tricks of loading your dishwasher. Your big heavily used items should go on the bottom as that's where the most water comes from. Make sure cups are facing down so they don't fill up with water and so water can run down. Also, allow a little space between dishes to ensure enough water flow is occurring. 

Hot water

The temperature of your cycle is crucial to getting the most out of the wash. The optimal temperature to wash your dishes is 50 degrees.

Store dish wash detergent correctly

surprisingly this comes into play significantly, your dishwashing tablets or powder is mean to be stored in a cool, dry temperature for optimal performance.