Prince Harry and Meghan meet inspirational children battling illness at the WellChild Awards

Royal Family 07/09/2018

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle attended the WellChild Awards in London this week, with Harry delivering a heartfelt speech paying tribute to the children, carers, nurses and families attending. 

"Every one of you is truly amazing," he said, praising the children who have been "dealt the toughest cards imaginable" and are a "constant reminder that we must look to the positive and never give up".

10-year-old Scarlett was paid a special tribute by Harry for caring for her sister Freya:

"Scarlett, who has been sitting next to me while we have been watching these remarkably inspirational stories this evening, is an absolutely perfect example of exactly why training for families is so incredibly important,"

"At 10 years old, she plays a key role in caring for her sister Freya – and I know that there have been occasions when she has taken the lead in managing Freya's feeding and oxygen when helping her Grandmother on the very rare occasions when her parents have taken a few much-needed hours for themselves."

The Duchess of Sussex and Prince Harry also met with Matilda Booth, a seven-year-old girl suffering from spina bifida who is paralysed from the chest down. Harry asked Matilda to 'pinky promise' him that she would "never stop smiling... never hide that brilliant smile away."

Matilda's mother said after meeting the royal couple: "They were just so lovely. It was very exciting. Matilda had watched the royal wedding and was very nervous about meeting them but they completely put us at ease.

"They got down to Matilda's level and she gave Meghan a posy. But she took one out and handed it back to Matilda and told her to keep it in her memory box. She made her feel so special.

"Prince Harry also made her give him a pinky promise and told her to never stop smiling. He told her she had such a lovely smile. They also wanted to meet Simon, her toy dog. She is inseparable from him."

The WellChild Awards celebrates the unbelievable bravery of the UK's most seriously ill children and their carers who look after them. The WellChild charity works to give children and young people the best chance to thrive by being properly supported by their families at home. 

Watch Harry's speech above, along with some other highlights of the awards.