NZ police's barbershop quartet releases a new video

Must See 12/09/2018

The famous Police's barbershop quartet, called the Barbershop in Blue, have made their return as a celebration of Maori language week.

The famous group is made up of police recruits Lafoia Afoa, Matini Tamamasui, Wepiha Te Kanawa and John Afoa.

The Auckland District Police shared their hit video in April with four police singing My Girl by music group The Temptations. This video went viral and had since had been viewed over 100,000 times.

On Tuesday the police shared another hit video of the barbershop performing Pōkarekare ana on Facebook.  

The quartet realised their potential talent when Tamamasui and Afoa were heard singing by Te Kanawa who decided to join in. They were later joined by their fourth and final member Afoa, and they then formed their Barbershop quartet, The Barbershop in Blue.

They got their first group of fans at their wing BBQ after their wing sergeant heard them singing and asked them to perform. 

The video has had great success with the social media views of the New Zealand police Facebook page.