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New study shows dogs get forgetful in old age too

Must See 11/09/2018

There is plenty of research to help us keep our minds healthy and alert. But a new study suggests that we should look into our dog's memory too. As it turns out our dog and pets memory can become foggy and forgetful as they age as well.

Dogs are considered seniors when they reach 7, which may mean they need more sleep. So you will start to notice they take naps during the day and spending plenty of time on the couch! They can also become grumpy due to different aches and pains.

A little-known part of dogs ageing is the cognitive changes they experience.   The reason behind this is that older dogs don't absorb glucose as well which is what assists high brain activity, explains SPCA vet Shalsee Vigeant. 

Some signs that your dog may be becoming forgetful could be that they become more anxious and sleepy. But there are ways to slow down your dog's cognitive ability. Buying foods with certain enhanced botanical oils such as Medium Chain Triglyceride, can increase the glucose production and slow down degeneration. 

There are some other tricks to do every day to keep your dog's brain is nice and healthy.


Continue to walk your dogs, this is the vital highlight of their day and will give them something to look forward to every day if it is consistent. But it is essential to keep an eye on them in the morning and night to see how tired they are and consider shortening the length of their walks. 

Checkups at the vet are a must 

Most people take their dogs into the vet when they've injured themselves or need an injection. But it is recommended to take them for check-ups when they are over seven years old, as you can spot those changes early and get onto them quickly. 

Make sure they are comfortable at night

Older dogs need their sleep and therefore require a comfortable bed. If they have previously been outdoor pets, maybe consider bringing them inside, especially in winter. It is essential for them to have a warm, dry, comfortable bed for the best sleep. If they are allowed on the furniture, it is crucial that you make sure it is easy for them to get on and off. 

Show them some love!

Make sure your dog is feeling loved and welcome in your family. They love attention, and it is critical to keep giving them plenty of attention, hugs and kisses.