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Mother has all the Christmas shopping done as of last month

Must See 20/09/2018

Super organised British mum of two boys has already done all of her Christmas shopping. Paige Ridlings, 21, is extremely proud of her early efforts, she started at the beginning of the year, buying presents for her two boys, two-year-old Oscar and 11-month-old Rogan-Leigh. 

They aren't cheap presents either, and she has spent a total of £600 and bought 40 different items for her fortunate boys. Some of the presents include multiple bikes, a trampoline and beanbags. 

The young mother likes to shop early to limit the stress of Christmas shopping,

I used to leave Christmas shopping to the last minute. It was so stressful because it would be hard to find some toys because they’d be out of stock and near Christmas time shops are always busy – buying early doesn’t have that stress.

She also recalls how when two years ago she wasn't able to provide that many presents for her son. So now she wants to make sure she gets everything he ever wants. 

If people say I spend to much then it’s their opinion – every year I go through my kids toys and give a lot to charity so when it comes to Christmas I have room for new toys. "It’s such a relief – I’m all done and set for the day.