Man cave is a thing of the past, check out the 'She Shed'

Must See 21/09/2018

Typically, that shed out the back or the basement space would be turned into a 'man cave' - TV to watch sport, fridge to hold beers, hunting memorabilia on the walls - you get the picture.

But now more women are creating their own spaces down the garden path where they can focus on themselves or their hobbies, away from the hustle and bustle of a busy household. 

She Sheds can even have a deck for extra relaxing. Photo credit: Supplied

She Sheds are spaces where women who need some alone time can read, paint, garden, drink wine, or do whatever they like.

Nelson-based home and garden supplies company Homelandz recognised this demand and began importing them.  They say demand continues to rise, with the sheds coming in kitset form and most areas not requiring building consent. 

The company's kitset sheds have been transformed into home offices, pool houses, horse tack rooms, sewing rooms, libraries, studios, spare rooms for accommodation and snug sitting rooms for enjoying a glass of red with friends. 

She Shed owner Penny, 68, is a Waiheke Island local who proudly put her She Shed together as a pottery studio.

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Homelandz gave us their top 10 tips for setting up your own she shed.


  1. Find the perfect position in the garden. Somewhere sunny with an inviting entranceway works well. 
  2. Do your research. There's plenty of information to be found online. Check out the inspiration on Pinterest and read blogs on best practice in installing a shed.
  3. Foundations. The shed needs to be built on a flat surface, so level the area or foundations can be built up with decking or piles.
  4. Shed size. Got one the right size to suit your plans? Don't forget to think into the future as well. 
  5. Consents. Become acquainted with your zoning. For most areas in New Zealand, no permit is required for a shed 10m2 or under. Building Codes will determine the set back required from property lines.
  6. DIY or builder?  She Sheds come with full instructions along with a how-to video to build, but if you don't fancy undertaking the project yourself and need a builder or handyman to help, try local or through Trade Me. Or talk to She Sheds about their kitset assembly service.
  7. Paint or stain? Colour is important. Do you need to match your house or try something different?
  8. Additions. Want a deck? A fence? Create a path or bridge or surrounding gardens. Add a finial or weather vane to the roof peak. Solar lights, electricity, curtains, plumbing and Wi-Fi are all common extras people add.
  9. Interiors. Use the space. Add shelves, hooks, racks, and cupboards to store items.
  10. Maintenance. Just like a regular house, She Sheds require a bit of maintenance every now and then to keep them looking tip-top.