How Cher nearly ended up owning a slice of NZ

Must See 14/09/2018

With Cher soon to be in the country she reveals how she nearly ended up owning a piece of NZ.

When she was last visited in 2005, she stayed in a disclosed area to look at a piece of land she was interested in purchasing. She had an offer from the man who lived next door, which mean she was on a plane quickly to have a look at the potential bolt hole. 

I had a blast. It was really this one piece I was looking at, because it was a special piece, but the man next door wouldn't address my concerns that the properties were a little close.

She loves New Zealand and has compared it to LA back in simpler times. 

She also fondly remembers the time she spent with Peter Jackson and the crew of "King Kong" in 2005 when she was on her "Farwell Tour".

When she spoke to Stuff, they asked what she was looking forward to on this trip, and she wants to do something new and different here.

We are so excited to have her in our country, even if it isn't to live!