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Household items to be wary of which could be fatal for your dog

Must See 10/09/2018

Chocolate is extremely toxic to dogs as we all know, but that is not the only food that is deadly for dogs to consume.

Pet Vet Dr. Evan Antin explains that chocolate contains methylxanthines and caffeine, both are very toxic to pets. Therefore meaning the higher percent of the chocolate, the worse the consequences may be.

Dark cholate is the most dangerous. However, milk chocolate in high doses can also be very dangerous for dogs to eat. Even if you think your dog has consumed a tiny amount of chocolate it is worth giving your local vet a call.

Chocolate is not the only food product you need to worry about either, a new list of toxic household items has been released which is essential to take note of.

1. Grapes and raisins

After many researchers have tried to come to a conclusion why grapes and raisins are so poisonous to dogs, they can not figure out an apparent reason. But what they do know is that they are both highly toxic to dogs. A tiny amount of this fruit could be deadly to your dog, so make sure they are out of reach and stored away from where your dog could get them. If your dog ingests even a small raisin or part of a grape it will pay to call the vet.

2. Onions and garlic

Research has found that the Allium species of plants can damage your pets red blood cell count, which can lead to major organ failure and become fatal very quickly.

3. Flowers and plants

Lesser-Known harm to dogs are the plants and flowers in your garden. Even though they look pretty, certain types can be fatal for your dog's insides. These include but aren't limited to daffodils, lilies, aloe and foxglove.


If your pet ingests any of these household food or outdoor items it is crucial to get them off to the vet right away. If you wanted immediate help, the New Zealand National Poisons Centre has a 24-hour helpline to call which is 0800 764 766.