Hilarious video caught of owner on a wild goose chase with her dog

Must See 19/09/2018

The moment a dog leads its owner on a hilarious wild goose chase down the main road of Kawakawa has been caught on camera.

Lucie Green's partner James McDonald posted video of what at first seems like a normal street scene on Facebook.  A van carries out a parallel park, and Ms Green ties her dog to an advertising flag outside a shop to do some shopping - not much is happening at all.

But suddenly, 40 seconds in, the video takes a dramatic turn. The dog a nine-year-old basset hound called Lily, manages to dislodge the Coca Cola flag and makes a run for it.

Ms Green sprinted after her, but Lily sped up too and dashed out into the middle of the road in front of moving traffic.

Mr McDonald, Ms Green's partner had fun editing the scene, overlaying it with the comical 'Yakety Sax' tune.

Cars driving down the road stopped just short of hitting the pup, who then continued on its mad dash away from Ms Green.

The video ends with the Lily disappearing down a side street and Ms Green in hot pursuit. Ms Green says shortly after disappearing from view the flag Lily was dragging got caught on a traffic island and Ms Green caught her.

She told Newshub she's only had Lily for a couple of months after getting the dog from a local charity she works with called Bay of Island Animal Rescue.

The pair had been taking part in their morning ritual of a walk and then a stop at the bakery for a sausage for the dog when something spooked Lily and caused her to take off.

"It was actually pretty scary at the time, I was so worried she was going to get hit by a car. It wasn't until I watched the video back that I realised I ran out into the traffic without even looking," Ms Green told Newshub.

"I was so hell bent on trying to grab her."

Now Ms Green can see the funny side of the story, and admits that Lily certainly managed to get the best of her for a moment.

"I've got to admit, for somebody with such short legs, boy [Lily] can run," she said. "I really really couldn't catch her."