Have a look at Aquijo, the huge superyacht docking in Auckland harbour

Must See 28/09/2018

Aucklanders will be able to sneak a peek at one of the biggest superyachts in the world after it docked in Wynyard Wharf on Friday ahead of servicing on its sails.

The Aquijo will need a crane to remove the sails, which weigh two tonnes each and have a total area of 5000 square metres.

Aquijo departed Europe in November 2017 and motored through the Rangitoto Channel at 7am before docking at Wynyard Wharf an hour later.

Measuring 86 metres long and with masts 91 metres tall, the Aquijo can't pass under the Auckland Harbour Bridge or other bridges on the Panama or Suez Canals.

Yacht Charters

In fact the masts are so tall they're higher than the highest point on the Harbour Bridge.

It can accommodate 12 guests, two owners and 17 crew and entertain them with a sauna, whirlpool spa bath, rainfall shower and indoor/outdoor bar.

Kiwi co-skipper Luke Hoskins said the Aquijo was a breeze to sail and can handle a range of tricky conditions.

"It's impossible to describe the feeling when you first bear away and she powers up. Everybody who sails on her is amazed at how well she handles and how graceful she feels," he said.

Yacht Charters

The Aquijo will be in New Zealand over the next few months and then it will be returned to use as a charter boat.

You may want to rethink hiring it for yourself though, the charter price starts at $800,000 a week.