Expectant mother shares insane photos of her triplet baby bump

Must See 12/09/2018

A Norwegian mother has caused a stir on social media after posting photos of her triplet pregnancy journey, showing off her now 20kg baby bump.

Maria, 36, has been documenting her road to becoming a mother of four on her account 'Triplets of Copenhagen' (she already has a two-year-old son).  Now the images of her incredible baby bump have gone viral.

The account has over 100,000 followers, with her most recent post garnering over 20,000 likes.

Maria herself admitted on a recent post she has no idea how her stomach sticks out so far without toppling her over.

"Week to week with the triplets. What a journey this has been... I'm glad we took these pictures, because this collage really shows the massive growth," she wrote, accompanied by a photo of a week-by-week photo collage.

"It's strange to have ended up with such a big belly and it's even stranger that it can stand out like that without falling down."

It's clearly not all been smooth sailing. Maria wrote earlier this week that they're now just playing "the waiting game".

"This is me most of the day now: TV series, podcasts, sleeping, browsing on my phone, and so on. Mixed in with babies kicking, heart burn and quite a lot of Braxton Hicks contractions," she wrote accompanied by a photo of her lying on the couch.

Maria says she has been "blown away" by the reaction to her photos and videos online.

We never expected it would create such a buzz,

"We've kind of gotten used to [the belly], so didn't think it was that spectacular.

"I've gotten hundreds of comments from all around the world, with people sending their love. I'm trying to answer everyone's nice messages, but I don't think I can keep up with that when the babies are born. There are simply too many."