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Alison Leonard reflects on the 125th Sufferage anniversary

Must See 19/09/2018

New Zealand women won the right to vote on this day, September 19th 1893, 125 years ago, after years of suffering and hard work. This day is an opportunity to reflect on and appreciate the work and struggles the suffragettes went through to get women the vote.

Alison Leonard recalls her memories as a child when learning about the suffrage movement. She discovered information about the movement when she was eight years old, in a primary school play. Where she was cast as Emmeline Pankhurst, we don't know if we see any similarities!

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She was also close with a girl who was a relative of Kate Sheppard, and she recalls her being extremely proud, and rightly so.

Alison thinks its extremely important to remember the day because it is Great to celebrate what they achieved. Because they paved the way for our society today. She cannot imagine what it would be like on election day and not being able to vote.