A pod of dolphins seen in Devonport this morning

Must See 10/09/2018

Devonport is one of Auckland's jewels and a popular tourist spot - and it seems the dolphins agree.

Photos taken by local Goina Thedinga at around 7:45am on Monday show the pod making waves as they glide past the harbour pier.

"Like the dolphins, the dolphins can swim," they wrote. "Just lovely to see the dolphins cruise past our place this morning. Queens Parade, Devonport, Auckland."

Around five dolphins are visible at a time as they duck under the water.

It's the latest appearance by the stunning creatures in Auckland Harbour, after extraordinary video footage showed them swimming off Herald Island in August.

Aucklander Craig Patterson captured footage of the majestic mammals, showing them gliding through the water around boats and yachts.

The pod of about 20 dolphins was seen heading out to sea, towards the Harbour Bridge.