5 benefits of a brisk walk per day

Must See 21/09/2018

With summer well on the way, most people are starting to get into summer shape! Surprisingly walking is one of the best forms of exercise if you want to see some excellent weight loss results. Exercise physiologist Sonia Glanville explains that a brisk walk can have significant benefits for both your mental and physical wellbeing. Here is a list of the multiple benefits for your body if walking is your primary form of exercise. 

1. Walking improves circulation 

Walking helps your circulation significantly. It helps oxygenate your blood and therefore increase blood flow. It also prevents deep vein thrombosis by using your calf muscles. 

2. Walking makes breathing easier

Walking increases the rate of your breath, Sonia says the benefits are vast,

Walking is beneficial for those with asthma and COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) as long as you walk indoors on high pollution days,

3. Walking makes you more creative

US has researchers have found that when people are active and walking around their minds become much more creative and engaged. Creative input for those who walked was 60% higher than those who didn't.

4. Walking makes you less stressed 

You only need 30 minutes of walking a day to lower the level of stress you feel significantly. Sonia states that walking releases the hormone cortisol which destresses yourself. 

5. Walking strengthens your immunity

A short walk, 20-30 minutes a day makes you 30% less likely to contract respiratory infections or a cold. Researchers in the UK have found that walking reduces the risk of widespread airborne diseases. Walking also promotes the increase of white blood cells which can detect illness quicker.