4 new personality types have been identified

Must See 19/09/2018

According to new scientific research, we all fit into one of four personality clusters.

In a report published in scientific journal Nature Human Behavior, researchers at Northwestern University in Illinois used an algorithm to plot massive sets of personality data representing 1.5 million people.

They found the results fall into four different groups - reserved, role models, average and self-centred.

"People have tried to classify personality types since Hippocrates' time, but previous scientific literature has found that to be nonsense," said co-author and psychology professor William Revelle.

"Now, these data show there are higher densities of certain personality types."

Average people are high in neuroticism and extroversion, while low in openness. This is the most common type.

Reserved people are emotionally stable, but not open or neurotic. While they aren't particularly extroverted, they are somewhat agreeable and conscientious.

Role models are low in neuroticism and high in all the other traits. They make good leaders, and are dependable and open to new ideas.

Self-centred people score very high in extroversion but low in in openness, agreeableness and conscientiousness.

Study leader Luís Amaral says the study could be helpful for people who are dating and looking for the right partner - as well as for hiring managers.

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