109-year-old woman uses promo to get paid to eat at restaurant on her birthday

Must See 07/09/2018

A US woman knew exactly how to take advantage of a restaurant's special promotion on her birthday - and that's just what she did!

109-year-old Helen Self, from Western Montana, celebrated her birthday at The Montana Club in Missoula recently - a restaurant who offer a percentage discount depending on what age the birthday person is turning. 

Someone turning 21, for example, would receive a 21% discount on their birthday. So for Helen, she would technically be being paid to eat at the restaurant - a 109% discount.

Nick Alonzo, the restaurant owner, said Helen has been visiting them ever since she turned 100 to take advantage of the offer: "Once she turned 101 she informed me that I had to come in and pay her for her meal," he said.

Alonzo was more than happy to oblige, giving Helen 9% of her meal cost back in cash this year. 

When speaking of what keeps her healthy, Helen said "Well I just work hard all my life... and took care of grandkids and more kids". She definitely has earned the free meals then!

But she didn't go overboard on her order... this year she ordered the shrimp, gaining herself $1.30 back. 

What a cute story.