100 year old man has never skipped dessert and swears by it

Must See 17/09/2018

Everyone wants to know the trick to longevity, and this man swears by dessert every day, and we can't argue with him! Lesley Hayman from Ilminster in Somerset has the simple answer to living such a long and healthy life, dessert!

We don't know if this theory would pass any medical study, but you can't argue with the proof. Lesley has lived to a healthy 100 years old, and his secret is never skipping dessert. His family are amazed, and can't believe his massive appetite to this day. His daughter who is 74 years old herself has said,

It's incredible really, he never leaves anything and never skips dessert


His son who is also 74, admires how fit and healthy he is,

He is active and you'll still find him out doing the gardening. He's an amazing man. He eats more than me - we don't know where he puts it all.

Its no wonder he is such a dessert fan, the Hayman family are great bakers. His grandfather was a baker, as was his father. Lesley is a retired baker now who used to own five chains selling pastries and pies. This family business has been passed down to granddaughter Claire.

The Hayman celebrated his recent 100th birthday at a hotel with a lovely meal out, followed by a great serving of dessert!