10 time saving kitchen hacks to stay healthy

life hacks 12/09/2018

Time is usually the main excuses to not eating well. Our days are hectic and trying to juggle all of your responsibilities then come home and make a great healthy meal can be too hard.

This is when we can get into bad habits of getting convenience foods. Sometimes it is just easier to go to your closest takeaways and eat some fast food.  But the good news is a healthy diet is achievable even if you are squeezed for time, these simple hacks will significantly help you to eat healthier meals throughout the week.

1. Plan

Set time aside each week to plan and look at all the meals you're going to make in the week. Giving your self a clear plan and buying the ingredients on a Sunday will mean you are more likely to stick to a pre-planned schedule. 

2. Make double

When you make your dinners, try to make double meals such as beans, mince, chilli, casserole, sauces, soups or grains (rice, quinoa). Pop them in the freezer and save it for another night when time isn't on your side. 

3. Create versatile meals

This means making a base that could fit over a range of meals. For example, this could be making a big batch of mince which you could use for different meals such as shepherds pie, quesadillas and tacos. 

4. Use leftovers for lunch

Transform those boring lunches by taking leftovers for dinner. Try using le over meats in wholemeal wraps or sandwiches for a fresh new idea for lunch. 

5. Frozen veggies

These are your friend. They're super easy to incorporate into meals and take no time at all to cook. 

6. Buy pre-prepared vegetables

These are a great time saver, so try buying pre-chopped pumpkin or beetroot to add to your meals quickly. Cutting out the dicing and chopping can significantly reduce the time spent in the kitchen, yet still achieving a tremendous healthy result. 

7. Slow cooker

These are fantastic time savers and require minimal effort to create delicious, healthy food. Preparing the night before or before you go to work,m then coming home to a great home cooked meal is a major plus!

8. One pot meals

Try prepare to add one pot meals into your week's schedule, such as casserole and one-pot pasta dishes. Creating minimal mess, and a quick way to cook all of your food at once. 

9. Use quicker-cooking grains

Use alternatives to rice, such as quinoa which only takes 15 minutes to cook and it's a great superfood which should be incorporated into your diet.

10. Have staples in your pantry

It is a good idea to always have a stock of staple ingredients that you can add to a casserole or soup, pasta and canned tomatoes are a must-have item in anyone's pantry to bulk up meals.