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The unknown health benefits of your morning coffee

Must See 10/08/2018

Who doesn't love morning coffee, but sometimes its harder to enjoy when you see the adverse effects of coffee continually hitting the headlines. But this is a study you'll want to believe, according to Dr Mike Roussell, co-founder of Neuro Coffee, there are lots of healthy compounds in coffee that you may not know about. There are many more benefits to those little beans, and we have a list of what those are to make your morning cup taste that much better!

Keeps your cells healthy

One of the many lesser-known beneficial compounds of coffee is chlorogenic acid,

Chlorogenic acid is considered to be so powerful because of its ability to scavenge and eliminate dangerous; mutated rogue compounds called free radicals,

These free radicals are hidden in fried foods and not good for your health at all, they linger in your body and destroy healthy cells. Coffee kills those free radicals so, in theory, makes your cells much healthier.

Makes your body digest carbs easier

Dr. Roussell explains that coffee and carbs work together. The chemicals in coffee beans turn the nutrients in bread and other carbs into energy.

quinic acid and trigonelline are also found in coffee. They can help your body process and use carbohydrates more effectively

Reduce your risk of diabetes

Another great health benefit coffee has, is that is can reduce the risk of type two diabetes significantly. In a recent study, coffee drinks were found to be 7% less likely to contract type two diabetes.

Reduces the effects of depression

Sometimes that mental boost you have after coffee, isn't just caffeine. Another study which studied 50,000 women over ten years, found that the more coffee they drank, the fewer effects they found of depression. Yet another reason to keep coffee in your routine.