The Chase's "Governess" Anne Hegerty gets tested on her NZ trivia

Must See 20/08/2018

Anne Hegerty, better known as the Governess on the British television show The Chase, was quizzed on her knowledge of Aotearoa on Saturday morning.

During her first proper trip to New Zealand, Hegerty appeared on RadioLIVE to discuss everything from her comparisons to Harry Potter's Professor McGonagall, to her current love for a Transformers comic.

Hegerty also took on a 90-second quiz hosted by Carly Flynn, where her knowledge of sporting history, which she'd previously admitted was shaky, gave her some trouble.

When asked which New Zealander won three gold medals and broke several records during the 1960s at the Tokyo and Rome Olympics, Hegerty answered John Landy - an Australian middle-distance runner - rather than the correct answer of Peter Snell. 

But she did know Sherpa Tenzing Norgay accompanied Sir Edmund Hillary in conquering Mount Everest, as well as that it was Lorde who had the hit song 'Royals'.