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The best time to submit a CV which will get you an interview

life 14/08/2018

If you're thinking of a change of job or want to get back into the workforce, experts have revealed the best time of the week to submit your CV. The magic time is 9 am on Wednesday. The new research by Job Today discovered that 17% of employers post vacancies on a Wednesday, the perfect time to deliver your CV. 

Polina Montano, co-founder of the website Job Today, explains the advantages of getting your application in early are significant. The research showed that nearly 50% of people who applied for jobs on Wednesday were invited for an interview within 24 hours of the application. 

I would always recommend being enthusiastic and start early in the day to look for a role. Our insight shows that by lunchtime on Wednesday employers will start to receive a flurry of applications so get in there first and get noticed.

An interesting statistic they also found was that 20% more women were applying for new jobs compared to men, this could be due to stay-at-home mothers getting back into the workforce which is admirable. 

Some buzzwords in CV's have been identified, so you should try to avoid these if you want to stand out to potential employers. Motivated is the most commonly used, with nearly a quarter of applicants talking about how motivated they are. Words which are less widely used, but have great pull is 'Fun' 'Assertive' and 'Good sense of humour'. 

'Moving away from recycled buzzwords like motivated and initiative could be the very factor that sets your own CV apart from someone else.'