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Radiation from your phone does not cause cancer

Must See 07/08/2018

New research suggests that we've been wrong about cellphones causing radiation. A new study performed in Spains is the most extensive scale study yet, with more than 9,000 subjects observed concerning cell phones and microwaves causing radiation harm.

Mobiles emit, electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation, this has been linked to forms of cancer, and has scared people for years. 

However, in this new Spanish study, scientists suggest, that this is not the case, and after intense research, there is little evidence to show a link between mobile phones and cancer. 

From the 9000 people studied, 5000 of them had brain tumours. EMF exposure was collected by the researchers to see if they worked in highly exposed radiation areas. These would include medical diagnostics, telecommunications and radar engineering. 

The careers of the participants varied, and 10% were considered to work in a high EMF work zone, and only 1% were exposed to immediate amounts. 

The results showed that there was no clear link between those who were exposed to radiation, contracting cancer. The 5000 who had tumours, were not consistent with the 10% of workers exposed to high levels of radiation. 

Researchers did add that they would have wanted more participants to have had cancer during the study, to prove more accurate theories.

However, the results implied EMF exposure worsens brain cancer in already ill people but does not necessarily cause it. 

The author of the study Javier Vila said

Although we did not find a positive association, the fact that we observed indication of an increased risk in the group with most recent radiofrequency exposure deserves further investigation.