Pink dedicates message to fans ahead of her New Zealand tour

Must See 30/08/2018

Pink's time in Australia has been quite eventful, with the singer struck down with illness, forced cancellation of shows, and paparazzi not allowing her to have a break while she was recovering.

But as she finishes up in Australia before her first NZ show, Pink has written a heartfelt message on her Instagram dedicated to her fans.

"As we finish up our Aussie tour for now, I have to say... Thank you for two decades of heart, soul and sweat and tear  and loyalty and all of us growing up together." she wrote.

Nothing easy is ever good. My heart is full, my body is worked. That one lonely loser in the press tried to get between us but he couldn’t.

"Thank you for all of it. See you in a week or two Sydney. Off to New Zealand we go."

Her fans were quick to praise the star for her message.

"Respect! The way you handle things continues to inspire me. Love everything you do, love your music, love you as a mum, love you as a wife... The list can go on and on. Keep doing what you do!" one wrote.

Once Pink has finished her NZ tour, she'll be heading back to Sydney for a few shows to make good for the shows she had to postpone due to her illness.