NZ's Top 10 'Hottest Radio Hunks' announced

NZ's Hottest Radio Hunk 26/08/2018

The nominations are in, and The Breeze men are being recognised for their hunky-ness!

Woman's Day's search for NZ's Hottest Radio Hunk has seen our very own Robert Scott, Steve Joll, and Stu Smith make this year's top 10 finalists.

But of course, there can only be one national Radio Hunk winner.

You can vote each day for your favourite to take out the title of New Zealand’s Hottest Radio Hunk at
People can vote for their hunk once a day until entries close on September 9.

The winner will be announced on September 17.

Read what they said about our three Breeze Hunks below:

Robert Scott

"Because he's honest, is realistic, cares about people and real issues, is silly but still but knows what he's talking about, loves his wife and drinks red wine. Oh and he has a great smile."

Steve Joll

"Do I even need to explain it?! This silver fox can sing, impersonate a ton of people and has an amazing personality.... don't even get me started on that facial hair. Personally myself Kath really is the better of the two but seeing as this is hottest Hunk then Steve it is."

Stu Smith

"He's awesome, he's funny, kind and caring. He has a loving personality. Hes creative, he can write his own songs! And he has one sexy sexy beard!"